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Exploring the Change Process
Exploring the Change Process

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Exploring the Change Process

This Quick Tip video explains the Change Process Out-of-the-Box.

This Quick Tip video offers a high-level overview of the Out-of-the-Box Change process. There are three levels of Change that may be modified to fit your business approval process: Standard, Normal and Emergency. This video walks you through open-ended options to fit your unique process.

Neil Myers
Neil Myers is a Sr. Curriculum Developer and Trainer with over 20 years’ experience implementing highly configurable products and teaching customers how to build and use them. He joined Cherwell in 2013. His principal focus ison training Cherwell’s partners on how to implement Cherwell Service Management.

Upon completion of this Quick Tip video, you will be able to use the open-ended options found in the Out-of-the-Box Change Process.