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Utilizing Help.Cherwell.com
Utilizing Help.Cherwell.com

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Utilizing Help.Cherwell.com

This Quick Tip video explores the online help documentation at Cherwell.

This Quick Tip video explores the online help documentation including:
Modern interface: Experience an updated and streamlined user interface design.
Topic layout: Easily navigate topic pages and associated content using tools such as On this Page and image zoom functionality.
Searches: Filter your search based on product, release, and role. As-you-type search recommendations allow you to quickly find the information you need.
My Topics: Save the content that is most important to you for easy access.
On-demand PDFs: Effortlessly create a PDF for any scope of content.

Pam Goodrich
Pam Goodrich is the Technical Documentation Manager for Cherwell’s Research and Development team. Pam utilizes her years of experience in writing and news editing to summarize complex technical information in straight forward documentation with engaging and enlightening video demonstrations.

Upon completion of this Quick Tip video, you will have the ability to navigate and search in help.cherwell.com, as well as create PDF's for any scope of content.