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Explaining Related Item Navigator
Explaining Related Item Navigator

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Explaining Related Item Navigator

This Quick Tip video explains how to use the Related Item Navigator.

This Quick Tip video explains how use the Related Item Navigator, which is used for viewing a Major Business Object's related items.

Emily Pace Emily Pace is currently a Sr. Product Owner at Cherwell Software. She brings 4 years of Systems Engineering experience with expertise to include user experience, technical requirements, technical documentation, customer relation, and project management. Emily’s role on the Application Development team is to deliver best practice Out of the Box Content, to include CSM bug fixes and enhancements. She is also a member of the Application Development Integration team where she helps create third party integration CSM mApps. Emily graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics.

Upon completion of this Quick Tip video, you will know how to use the Related Item Navigation.