Learning Nuggets
Introduction and Identifying the Fields
Creating the Blueprint
Auto-Populating through Relationships
Auto-Populating with the Sub-Category
Setting up the Default Values
Automating your Workflow with Default Actions
Creating a Table-Driven One-Step Automation
Automating Quick Tickets

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Automating Quick Tickets

This Quick Tip video demonstrates how to modify an Incident Form to quick classify based upon Sub-Categories.

This Quick Tip video demonstrates building Automated Actions through the Sub-Category fields. This process can automatically quick fill tickets for a quick classify process to save Technicians time. The demonstration explores the possibilities of expanding the capabilities of the Out-of-the-Box content with customized default Sub-cCtegory fields by building a Blueprint with Expressions in the Cherwell Admin. It also looks at creating a table-driven One-Step Automation in the Cherwell Client.

Upon completion of this Quick Tip video, you will possess the ability to modify an Incident form to quickly classify based upon Sub-Categories.