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Human Resource Integration to Cherwell

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Human Resource Integration to Cherwell

Automating HR events to Cherwell

Leanna Martin presents the HNI story at the Cherwell Global Conference in 2018. She explains the success story to implement automation of HR Events to Cherwell. These events include New Hire, Terminations, Transfers, Leave of Absence, Name Change, and other member data updates. The integration of HR system (ADP) to CSM, then to Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) completes end to end processes. This includes automation of OIL tasks to create or disable user accounts and role-based access. Leanna shares the workflows for each event and how the Manager forms (specifics) provide the details required for each IT team. The value of this process improvement speaks volumes in the space of audit, security, and customer satisfaction. Improving SLA necessitates lean processes and she shares lessons learned in completing this project!