Configuring Task Pane Options
How to Adapt Form Layouts to Multiple Devices
Configuring Security Rights
Modifying Lifecycles for your Processes
Building a Custom Cherwell Service Management Portal
Managing Multiple Consultants & Blueprints
Managing Blueprints & Czars
Process Design for Automation Success (Business User)
Doing More with Cherwell One-Steps
Creating Quick Ticket Templates
Configuring a One-Step to Consume API
Introducing REST API - 9.0
Deploying Trusted Agent
Importing Data in Cherwell Service Management
Touring Service Level Agreements
Cherwell Certified Professional Engineer - Design Exercise
Cherwell Certified Professional Engineer
Cherwell Certified Professional Engineer

  • class 16 Courses
  • access_time 8h 28m
  • Credits: 2
Cherwell Certified Professional Engineer

This credential is for a Cherwell professional who will run or lead a complete Cherwell Service Management implementation. 

This design exercise is formatted to test your knowledge in developing tasks within Cherwell Service Management. 

This learning path consists of 15 courses, all that are completed at the learners pace. Once all modules have been completed the learner is required to build a complete design exercise that twill be submitted for grading.